Mermaid Ocean Facial Mask


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Mermaid Ocean Facial Mask

Mermaid ocean mask!
Utilizing the powerfully potent Sea Clay, a lovely blend of ocean botanicals, and skin rejuvenating Organic Jasmine Mermaid ocean mask draws dirt and oil from the skin and tightens the pores while leaving behind its marvelous minerals which help nourish the skin beautiful!
Mermaid ocean mask contains a beautiful blend of aquatic botanicals including the wonderful sea kelp, used for its damage reversing and skin softening abilities. Kelp removes toxins and is anti-inflamatory which is wonderful for acne and other such irritated skin issues.
And as always made with heaps of love and pure joy!
Comes in a 1 oz glass jar, some settling may occur in travel.

To use simply blend a wee bitty of powder until it is a smooth paintable paste and spread onto face, allow to dry and rinse off with warm water, follow with a toner and moisturizer if desired.

We never ever use artificial or synthetic scents, oils or anything.
Every product is handcrafted 100% from nature, with love and pure joy!
All Moon Magic products are tested on willing humans until we are very pleased with the results.


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