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Our Black Gold Facial Bar gets its black color from charcoal powder which is known to help remove toxins when used in filtration applications.  The use of charcoal powder in soaps for removing toxins from the skin is up for debate but we think it gives our soap a cool look anyway!  Speaking of cool, we have infused this soap with a healthy dose of Tea Tree essential oil.  Tea Tree essential oil is well known for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic properties which are all wonderful things when comes to desired properties for a facial soap.  Tea Tree essential oil also is a cicatrisant, which means it may help diminish scars from acne.  The oil also helps remove toxins, open pores and may help in the prevention of reoccurring acne. We have used some of our usual oils in the making of this soap but have also added Grape seed oil and Safflower oil into the recipe.  Grape seed oil is good for oily or acne-prone skin and also relieves dry, itchy skin.  Safflower oil helps to soften the skin, protect against sun damage and is also a natural anti-inflammatory. If you suffer from facial acne or are just looking for a great facial bar you need to give this a try!  Try it for a month and we’re sure you will see a positive improvement in the health of your skin!  For best results, we recommend washing your face thoroughly twice a day with the Black Gold.

Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, goat milk, activated charcoal powder, tea tree essential oil, lye.

1 review for Black Gold Facial Bar

  1. Ashley Steele

    My daily cleanser, and goes great with the mask!

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