Rapha 180 Massage Therapy

She is such an awesome spirit and we are so thankful to have her on the Rapha team! She has such a fun personality that is sure to make anyone feel comfortable as soon as they meet her! Fitness and a healthy lifestyle have been a huge part of her life for over 20 years! She has built a career out of helping others find health and happiness in their everyday life! She is grounded in her family that includes an awesome husband and a sweet little girl. She focus energy on positive dispositions and encourages her clients to do the same! 

Kyra can offer several options for you to choose from!

Trigger Point Therapy

This is a visual physical assessment along with the hands-on-realignment of the body's fascia system. It is a 1-hour session that teaches the client some handy at home or on the go techniques to counter pain and range of motion challenges. Aromatherapy with essential oils can be utilized. 

*1 session $70

*3 sessions $150

Raindrop Massage

Using essential oils with reflexology and Lakota Indian healing techniques, the client receives a massage from head to toe. This is a 1.5 to 2 hour process involving energy balance and vertebral alignment. This is shown to assist in many chronic and acute health concerns such as pain, depression, lymphatic flow, scoliosis, and so much more!

*1 session $120

*3 sessions $240

Fascia Blasting and Rock Blades

Our Fascia is the largest organ of the body. Kyra will use oil and blasting or blading tools to comb out and strip the fascia. This allows it to heal in its natural form and release trapped toxins. Clients often feel strength gains, increased range of motion, increased muscle tone, and decreased cellulite deposits! 

*1 session $70

*3 sessions $175

*5 sessions $220


*Mobility training for pain reduction and flexibility for bodybuilders, organized sports athletes, pre and post physical therapy clients, diabetics, neuro patients, and geriatrics. 

*Corrective Exercises